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The market place for Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance policies has changed considerably over the last few years.  Whilst some of these changes have been brought about as a result of directions from the FCA, many others are due to the improvements introduced by the underwriters.


This year could see a drastic change in the way motor dealers and finance providers are able to sell GAP policies at the point of sale when selling a vehicle. The customer will be able to seek alternative products away from the dealer.


This will provide a good opportunity to capture some of this market. Motor Gap is able to provide a range of market leading policies at substantionaly lower prices than the dealers.


We offer a wide range of Guaranteed Asset Protection policies and Excess insurance together with a choice of additional policies: Tyre, Alloy Wheel, Scratch and Dent, Key cover.

We back all our policies with our no quibble money back.



Our prices are substantially lower than general wholesale prices. This is due to the fact that we are an internet provider and are able to keep our overheads down. We sell far greater volumes of policies and we do not build in huge amounts of commission.


Buying Direct

Motor Gap deals directly with the underwriters and policy providers who in general do not interface with dealers. They rely on us to bring their products to the market place. As a result of the large number of policies that we sell each year, we have the purchasing power to negotiate directly with the insurer as to the price and features built into each policy. That is why you will find unique features within our policies which in general are not available elsewhere.


Our policies are underwritten by a number of different insurers, for your convenience all claims offices are based in the UK.



All claims offices are located in the UK, if the worst case scenario does happen and the vehicle becomes a total loss, a dedicated team of claims staff will administrate the settlement. We are delighted to state that our average payout time, once the insurer has made an offer of settlement and all the paperwork is in place, is only seven working days. We are confident this level of service is unrivalled!



Our Motto is "service, service and service". We are entirely UK based for customer services, administration and claims departments. We open six days per week and our customer advisors are available to answer your questions either by telephone or email.

All our staff have many years experience in motor related insurance products and they will endeavor to provide the relevant product details that you require to enable you to make the choice as to what is most suitable for your clients needs.

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